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  • Where are we allowed to take the boat?
    Our boats are allowed to venture around the IMMEDIATE surrounding areas of Great Exuma. This includes: Elizabeth Harbour,Moriah Harbour Cay,Sandy Cay (very shallow, try to go 2 hours after low tide. Drive slow with engine trimmed up),Emerald Bay Marina (Deep Ocean Water). This does not include: ANY OF THE NORTHERN CAYS (Big Major Cay-Swimming Pigs, New Cay-Iguanas, Staniel Cay, Farmers Cay, Black Point, Compass Cay-The Nurse Sharks), Pigs at RolleVille, Long Island. If you wish to go somewhere out of radius you can book a private tour. Or Contact Us about a customized trip with captain.
  • What is your refund/cancellation policy?
    The deposit is refundable if changes/cancellations occur 7+ days prior to your booking date. Payments are refundable if a cancellation is made due to bad weather conditions.
  • What if there is bad weather during our rental and we are unable to use the boat?
    We will issue a refund for bad weather conditions. But the Harbour offers protection from the wind with land on both sides. Sometimes it can be calm despite high wind speeds if the wind is coming from certain directions.
  • Can we take our rental to the Swimming Pigs, Iguanas and Nurse Sharks?"
    NO! All are out of our radius. You can book a private tour with us to take you. You may not realize but these attractions are 50+ miles away and require local experience to navigate. Exceptions can be made for multi-day renters of the 26ft boats if you hire a captain to take you one of the days you have the boat rented. With this option you are responsible for your fuel usage.
  • Can you deliver the boat to us?
    Yes! We deliver directly to you if you are located in Hooper's Bay-Hartswell. Emerald Bay deliveries can be arranged but will incur a delivery fee of $200 roundtrip.
  • Where do we retrieve the boat?
    If you're staying somewhere with a dock/mooring ball in our delivery radius we will deliver directly to you. If not, you will retrieve the boat from the Government Dock (location can be found on Google Maps) in GeorgeTown (Behind the straw market, By Dive Exuma).
  • Do we have to refuel?
    Yes, our business operates like a car rental. You return the boat on the fuel level you received it. If you fail to refuel a $50 refueling fee will be charged along with the cost of the gas.
  • Where can we refuel?
    Typically Minns Water Sports is the best bet (11am-4:30pm) Browns Marine is another option. Both Locations can be found on google maps.
  • What time do we pick up and return the boat?
    Deliveries begin at 9am, and drop off ends at 5:30pm. Keep in mind Minns WaterSports where you will need to refuel closes at 4:30pm.
  • We are in Staniel Cay and would like to rent a boat, can that be arranged?"
    Yes! We have rented to guests in Staniel Cay in the past. There is a roundtrip delivery fee of $2000.
  • What is your booking requirements?
    Anyone looking to rent a boat needs to fill out the booking form on the book now tab. There you will have to vouch that you are an experienced boater. All bookings require a deposit to confirm. Daily rentals (1 day) require 50% deposit, Multi-Day Rentals require a deposit of the daily rate and tours require a 50% deposit to book. Without a deposit your reservation is not confirmed.
  • Can we keep the boat overnight at our house/villa/hotel?
    Yes! If your accomodations have a dock or mooring ball you can keep your rental overnight. If you do not have either you can rent a slip from us at $35 a night. If your rental is more than two days (one night), we require you to have dockage.
  • We want to hire a captain, can you arrange that for us?"
    Yes! When filling out the booking form simply select you'd like a captain as an addition.
  • I added on a captain to our rental, where can he take us?"
    The captain can take you anywhere within our radius. He can also take you to the RolleVille Pigs and Iguanas if the weather permits. If you want a captain for fishing that can also be arranged; so they can show you some ideal areas to catch fish. We also offer fishing tours if you want an all inclusive option (Bait, gear, guide, water and boat/fuel provided) If you have a 26ft boat rented and wish for the captain to take you through the northern cays that requires pre-arrangement and is weather dependant. ALL RENTALS REQUIRE THE BOAT TO BE REFUELED. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FUEL USAGE. THE CAPTAIN WILL TAKE YOU FOR FUEL BEFORE RETURNING THE BOAT.
  • If we opt to return the boat early, are my charges adjusted accordingly?"
    If you return the boat early your charges will not be adjusted. As per our cancellation policy changes must be made 7+ days prior to your booking date to receive a refund.
  • I paid the deposit, when is the balance due?"
    The balance is due 7 business days in advance. The payment request and contract will be sent to the email associated with the booking.
  • Can I pay online using my Credit/Debit Card?
    Yes! After submitting a booking request, you will receive a payment request from Fygaro in your email for the deposit. 7 days prior to your booking another payment request will be sent out to settle the balance. You have until then to make changes/cancellations to get refunded. The system does not American Express. But Visa, Mastercard and Discover works fine.
  • Can I add on insurance to my rental?
    No we do not provide insurance options to renters. If any damage is done to the boat, the renter is liable.
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